Make Your Canadian Study Dream a Reality!

I am thrilled to have you on this page because studying in Canada is one of the best decisions you could ever make.

There are many destinations around the world for internationals students to study but Canada remains top for reasons such as affordability, quality of education, employment opportunities and pathway to permanent residency and even Canadian Citizenship.

"The Canadian government receives almost one million applications for study permits each year, which means that officers decide who gets approved and you have to submit a strong application."

If you are one of these 3 types of people, this course is for you if:

  • You have admission to a Canadian Institution and you require a study permit to study in Canada.

  • Your study permit was refused and you want to re-apply.

  • You have started your application and you have questions

Here's What You'll Learn

Course Curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Study Permit Overview

    • Who Needs a Study Permit & DLIs

    • Letter of Acceptance & Identification Documents

  • 3

    Proof of Funds

    • Proof of Funds Overview

    • How Much is Required ?

    • Source of Funds

    • Sponsor's Supporting Documents

  • 4

    Proof of Ties

    • 7 - PROOF OF TIES

  • 5

    Purpose of Visit

    • Study Plan

  • 6

    Examples of Refusal and Detailed Officer's Concerns

    • GCMS Notes ( Refusal Notes ) & Explanations

  • 7

    Medical and Criminal Admissibility

    • Medical Exams & Police Clearance

  • 8

    Nigerian Student Express & SDS

    • Nigerian Student Express

  • 9

    Online Application: How to Set it Up

    • IRCC Online Study Permit Application

  • 10

    Questions & Answers

    • Questions Answered

  • 11

    Application Decision

    • What Next?

  • 12

    Final Word

    • Final Word

    • Study Plan Guide

    • Letter of Financial Support Template

Imagine what it would feel like to...

  • Receive that passport request

  • Arrive in Canada as an International Student

  • Graduate with Canadian education Credentials

  • Obtain a Post Graduate work permit & Gain Canadian Experience

  • Become a Permanent Resident

  • Become A Canadian Citizen

All these become possible with a Study Permit Approval.

This course will ensure you submit a strong and convincing application.

What Students are Saying....

Study permit Approved with Family


"Hi Florence, I am pleased to inform you that my study visa application has been approved! Together with visitor's visa for my husband and 3 kids. All glory to God and thanks to you and your team for everything. You processed my admission to Crandall speedily and the study permit webinar was priceless. I can never thank you enough and my prayer is that God bless you and your loved ones beyond measure."


"The webinar was quite insightful. Information shared was not information that one would be able to get online. There were a number of real-life examples to learn from. The facilitators, Florence and Adesola did a fantastic job. I could not imagine that I could go at a stretch for 3hours 30 minutes for an online meeting. Keep up the good work."

"I am glad I was part of this webinar. Very detailed, insightful and informative. Would highly recommend for everyone."

"The webinar was detailed and very informative."

"Another thing that was helpful were the study plan & sponsorship letter templates you sent to me after the webinar. I had been struggling to write my LOE but wrote one in about 3 hours after the receipt of the templates."

Course Bonus Offers

  • Templates (Study Plan, Sponsorship Letter template, Financial Support Letter)

  • Discount offer to other Services

Ready to get equipped with the infomation and tools to package a strong and convincing application?

Meet your Instructors

Florence Akpan, RCIC, CPA, CMA

Founder/CEO, InfoPlace Canada

I am a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and a Chartered Accountant. I am the Founder and Lead Consultant at InfoPlace Canada, a Canadian education and immigration consulting firm. I have personally navigated through the Canadian Immigration system from being an international student to a foreign worker to a permanent resident and now a citizen.

Now I help immigrants from around the world navigate through the complex Canadian Immigration system. I have successful helped a lot of students achieve their Canadian immigration goals.

I am so proud of the content in this course. We gave it our all and I know you will find it very valuable.


My decision to move to Canada with my 2 kids was a long one but made easy and seamless by infoplace Canada.Their professionalism is mind blowing. They are always willing to offer the best and most sincere advise there is. They are very knowledgeable in all things immigration.Working with infoplace was the best decision for me and I am glad I did. I wiIl use them over and over again if given the opportunity and recommend them to as many as I can. A very big thank you to Florence and her team you guys are the real Mvps

Meet My Co-Instructor Adesuwa Obazee

Adesuwa is InfoPlace Programs Manager/Consultant. She is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. She came to Canada as an international student and is now a permanent resident.

As a Senior employee at InfoPlace Canada, she works with immigrants looking to immigrate to Canada through various immigration programs such as permanent residence, study permit, visiting visa, work permit & provincial nominee programs. She is highly skilled and loves finding solutions and favourable pathways for our clients. In this course, she shares her wealth of experience to help you package a strong and convincing application.

Approval After Refusal


I gave infoplacecanada a great trial based on a recommendation from my Friend (Kay) and then the whole journey for my student visa re-application began after two refusals...... From my first conversation with Florence, the way she spoke, her professionalism, her encouragement was just it for me and from then the process began. The coordination amongst the team, and request for documents were so professional and then the advise on what I should do difference to have a stronger re-application. after which my re-application for student visa was well packaged and submitted knowing fully well that this is different from the previous submissions.

1st time applicant


My journey with Infoplace was a bit long but they believed strongly in the process. Their professionalism and work ethics was mind-blowing. I doubted taking this step with Infoplace, but I am glad i did, it was the best step forward. I will surely recommend Infoplace to anyone who wants to migrate to Canada 100%. Please keep up the good work @ Infoplace Canada, the universe will hear you and sky isn't the limit, you can go higher... Thank you once again for making this journey a smooth one for me. Well done!!My journey with Infoplace was a bit long but they believed strongly in the process. Their professionalism and work ethics was mind-blowing. I doubted taking this step with Infoplace, but I am glad i did, it was the best step forward. I will surely recommend Infoplace to anyone who wants to migrate to Canada 100%. Thank you once again for making this journey a smooth one for me. Well done!!

Study Permit Approved


On the faithful day my husband and I decided to use a licensed consultant, I put forward 2 names; However, he opted for infoplace Canada. Who am I to complain? He is the funding party🤣, was it worth it? I am telling you for free that it is worth it. I pay attention to details, so working with parties that have eyes for same was critical to me and they delivered. The faithful day Adesuwa called, the moment I saw SK , I knew verdict day has come, to the glory of God, she said my request has been approved, I cannot express how awesome the moment was for me, it's a lifetime thought. Thank you Itoro for all your time, patience and prompt responses, Ivie, you are amazing and Adesuwa, thank you for sharing in my moment of happiness. Professionalism :checked Structured Organisation: checked Customer experience: checked Value for money: checked Thank you Florence, I hope to meet you one day. One love.

What Students Are Saying About This Course

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will I have access to this course?

    You will have access to this course for 6 months

  • Are templates for study plan and financial support letters provided?

    Yes, we have included templates to guide you on how to write your study plan

  • Does purchasing this course make InfoPlace Canada my representative?

    No, purchasing this course is not a representation service and there for does not make InfoPlace Canada your representative on immigration matters.

  • Does this course guarantee my study permit approval?

    This course provides you a guide on how to package a strong and convincing application. We do not guarantee any result through the use of this course.

  • Will I have access to other services?

    Yes, you can access any of our services at a fee. At the end of the course, attendee will receive a discount coupon code for some of our study permit related services.

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